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Shadows on the Beach
Sandy Beach



WELCOME TO THE BEACH OF me-time 讓你自由穿梭於不同頻道, 尋找你今天所需的me-time lets you roam around the different channels, in search of the me-time that would bring you peace today is brought to you by Rotary Club of Neoteric HK and Stewards HK with the support of Rotary E-Club of Lantau

選擇頻道 Choose Channel

頻道一.  簡單生活頻道
Channel 1.  Simple-ology
頻道二.  「煮」題 Cook
Channel 2.  Cooking Symphony
Cooking Tools
頻道三.  Candy C 普拉提之約
Channel 3.  Pilates with Candy C
Yoga Mats
頻道四.  太陽音樂祭
Channel 4.  Solar Music Fest
Hot Air Balloons
頻道五.  3分鐘分享
Channel 5.  FRE3minutes Sharing
Interview Time
頻道六. 大自然的低語
Channel 6.  Nature's Whispers
Water Droplets
頻道七. 開心唱頻道
Channel 7.  Happy Songs
Dancing Queen Image.jpg
頻道八. 在地生活3分鐘
Channel 8. The World thru
the Locals' Eyes
Pet The Bunny
頻道九. 毛孩樂
Channel 9. Fun with Pets
頻道十.  四圍遊歷
Channel 10. Let's Go
頻道十一.  音樂遊歷
Channel 11. Let's Go Music
頻道十二.  3 mins Ukulele
Channel 12.                                
for beginners             
Singing with Headphones
頻道十三.  歌心唱
Channel 13.   Singing "On Duty"
Relaxing by the Water
頻道十四.  音樂放輕鬆
Channel 14.  Unwind   
Retro Singer
頻道十五.  高歌俱樂部
Channel 15.   Singing Club   
Pot on Gas Burner

頻道二   Channel 2

「煮」題 Cook 

Cooking Symphony


“The art of cooking is making its way into the therapeutic world in the form of Culinary Art Therapy.” ─  Julie Ohana 

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