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Asian indie singer performing

頻道十五   Channel 15


​Singing Club

"歌詞將音樂喚醒" -  倫永亮
"The lyrics wake up the tune." - Anthony Lun, a HK Songwriter 

如有興趣點唱或獻唱, 請聯絡我們
whatsapp:  94350060

80年代的歌曲歌詞旋律豐富, 好有故事性, 歡迎大家來到這個頻道欣賞, Sing-a-long... 如果你有興趣點唱或獻唱一首, 我們也十分歡迎!
80's pop songs is rich in melody and lyrics.  The stories convey by these pop songs are imaginative and enticing.  Let's enjoy!

第三集.   歌舞聖誕
Episode 3.  Singing Club Christmas Jam Session

第二集.   俱樂部210626精選 
Episode 2.  Singing Club 210626  Selection

精選錄影      Highlights

完整分享      Full Song

00:00 / 01:19

原來只要為你活一天     Carley Law

00:00 / 02:44

Daddy's Home                   Kenneth Li

00:00 / 03:06

單車                                      Eric Chak

00:00 / 02:35

風雲                                      Angela Yee

Keyboard by Ringo

第一集.   俱樂部210522精選 
Episode 1.  Singing Club 210522  Selection

精選錄影      Highlights