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Cooking Eggs

頻道二   Channel 2

「煮」題 Cook    Cooking Symphony


“The art of cooking is making its way into the therapeutic world in the form of Culinary Art Therapy. Its benefits are rich and delicious, and include increased self-esteem, team building, enhanced brain development, and helping people connect on a deeper inter-personal level.” ─  Julie Ohana 

第三集  Episode 3

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「治癒心靈」可以從簡單烹飪開始:由簡單、健康、自由發揮、業餘、興趣,做自己喜歡的菜式出發。這個頻道將提供不同的烹飪菜式,讓大家在3分鐘影片一同以感觀視覺感受食物的色、香、和體會做菜的樂趣,把簡單活潑的烹飪創作融入生活,煮得輕鬆、食得開心、活得快樂,成為自己獨有的「煮」題 Cook!


In the bustling daily life, learn to "Cure the mind" and let the nervous, irritancy day get restored!

"Healing the Mind" can start with simple cooking in these principles: simple, healthy, free to play, amateur, interest and do our favorite dishes. In this channel, it is going to provide cooking guides of different dishes in around 3 minutes. The channel provides opportunities for stimulating your senses and visual enjoyment with the appearance of food, and the experience of the joy of cooking. Simple and lively cooking collaborates with life. It cultivates happiness and self-identity... Cooking is fun!

頻道主持 Channel Curator 
梁舜華  Clara Leung        全職社工  Social Worker   


我也有我的「煮」題 Cook!        大家不防也創作自己的「煮」題 Cook!

Since graduating from social work, I have been engaged in social services for more than 20 years. Working in youth and community services, rehabilitation services and youth mental health services. I realized that work is just a part of our life. Family relations, personal interests and building of friendship are important elements for maintaining good mental health and our well-being. Starting from "self-cooking": pursues easy-to-do, using ingredients you like, colors are visually matched with healthy food. It is not difficult to find that cooking is an interest that creates topics when sharing with others in which people enjoy and have fun with their family!

I also have my "Cooking Theme"  --  Let’s create our own "Cooking Theme " together!

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