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Animal Kingdom

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Fun with Pets

Pets support mental health


Life is filled with stressors and to-do lists that never seem to end. A cup of coffee can bring you refreshment in your workplace. Having a furry friend provide you psychical and psychological benefits in your life.

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頻道策劃 Channel Curator 
譚秀玲        全職社工  
Dora Tam   Social Worker




I am a social worker and I like interact with people. With experience in working with elderly, rehabilitation and children and youth service. I treasure everyone I met and every people has his or her own story. I learnt that care others and self-care are also important.


From 2019 onwards, we are during the hard time. We were trying our effort to keep social distant, learning new normal life style, keeping on preventive measures. Life is difficult but life is simple and full of fun. Spend some time with your pets daily, you will find that pets support your mental health. For example, interacting with Pets lowers our stress hormones; Pets help us build healthy habits (e.g. physical activity – walking a dog, playing with cats and so forth).  Moreover, pets support social connection, we can share interesting moment to our friends and relatives through the videos, just like Fre3


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