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Happy Songs

一位荷蘭的神經內科學者在2015年研究怎樣的歌曲讓人快樂,總結了研究之後找到了10條讓人快樂的歌曲。你同意這10首歌讓你快樂嗎? 利用他研究所得的三個快樂歌曲條件, 我們還挑選了其它歌曲... 我們不妨聽聽!

In 2015, a Dutch neurologist published his research results on what types of songs make people happy and identified these 10 songs to be the happiest songs.  Do you agree?  Using the same 3 criteria that he suggested, we identified other songs.  Let's listen to these songs!

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10 songs scientifically proven to make you happy


[no copyright music] 'Dreamy Mode' cute background music

[no copyright music] 'Dreamy Mode' cute background music

[no copyright music] Dreamy Mode cute background music / aesthetic lofi |Chillpeach You can use this music in your videos as long as you mention the following in your description: ____________________________________________________ Chillpeach - Dreamy Mode : ____________________________________________________ ○THE COPYRIGHT OF THIS MUSIC AND ILLUSTRATION BELONGS TO ME. 🍑 Rules for using this music : •Free to use for youtube, Instagram, twitch, facebook, tiktok. •You can not add lyrics or remix this music without my permission. •Independent post of this music is absolutely prohibited other then using it as a background music. •Add credit when using this music. •The copyright of this music belongs to Chillpeach and unauthorized use of this music is not allowed. •If you want to use this music outside the above mentioned social medias please contact me. •If you use this music without mentioning credit you can get copyrighted. •You can not re upload this music for the purpose of promoting it. _____________________________________________________ ○Spotify playlist: 🎨 illustration/art: Copyright of all illustration/art belongs to Chillpeach 🍒 If you want to support me (kofi): 💌 Email (For Business Inquiries Only) : 💫 Instagram: ⬇️ download here : • Cute music playlist: • Lofi background music playlist: I hope this music brings joy to every single one of you. Thanks for watching ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ . Cute background music, no copyright background music,no copyright lofi background music 🦋 SUBSCRIBE 💫 LIKE 💫 SHARE #nocopyrightmusic#lofimusic#backgroundmusic ©️2022 | Chillpeach
🎧 Calm Chill Downtempo Beat No Copyright Free Relaxing Soft Background Music | Comfortable by Pufino

🎧 Calm Chill Downtempo Beat No Copyright Free Relaxing Soft Background Music | Comfortable by Pufino

Calm Downtempo Beat No Copyright Free Chill Relaxing Soft Background Music | Comfortable by Pufino Free Download ✓ Comfortable by Pufino has been exclusively released on our record label Free To Use Music. We own exclusive worldwide rights to this music track. This ensures that Comfortable by Pufino is 100% FREE and SAFE to use in your personal user-generated content on various media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook as long as you copy & paste the text below into the description of your video 📝 _______________________________________ Music track: Comfortable by Pufino Source: No Copyright Music for Videos (Free) _______________________________________ If you are a private person or working on behalf of a company, and you wish to use this music track without attributing the artist and/or for commercial purposes (e.g. company video, advertisement, podcast, social media post, or another media format), then you must purchase a license from our shop: Before using any of the music on our YouTube channel, we highly recommend you read the FAQs on our website ( #FreeToUseMusic #OfficialRelease Follow Pufino.
[No Copyright Music] I Just Want Quiet - Slow Acoustic Guitar | Calm Background Music

[No Copyright Music] I Just Want Quiet - Slow Acoustic Guitar | Calm Background Music

✦ Welcome ✦ Oak Studios is a safe background music channel made by musicians for content creators all over the world. Everything we upload is entirely made by us and licensed under Creative Commons licenses for you to use it in your videos on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook in a secure way, without even caring about getting a copyright infringement. ✅ Important / Terms of use: - You CAN'T upload our songs to music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Soundcloud. - You CAN'T use our music as background music for your own musical work. - You are ALLOWED to use our music on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. - If you’re going to use our music on any kind of project outside Youtube, Instagram or Facebook you MUST contact us and get our permission first. - You MUST read the section “How can I use your songs?”, choose the alternative that corresponds to you and follow the steps specified in it in order to use our music. → This terms allow our music to be safe and available for everyone. You must respect them ✔ 🎵 How can I use your songs? ▼ Alternative 1 ▼ If you’re a small content creator and you don’t monetize your content/work you can download our songs on MP3 and use them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook absolutely for FREE, even if you are planning to monetize your content/work someday! You just have to follow these simple steps: 1. Subscribe to our channel to help us grow this beautiful community ✦ 2. Like this video to help us beat the algorithm (optional) ✧ 3. Leave a comment, we want to know you! (optional, only if you feel like it!) ☻ 4. Read the terms of use and make sure that you follow every single one of them ✦ 5. Put the following information in your video/content description: --- Song: I Just Want Quiet Music composed and recorded by Oak Studios. Link: | Creative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 --- ▼ Alternative 2 ▼ If you are a medium/big content creator and you monetize your content/work on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, you can use our music by joining one of our Patreon memberships. By doing this you’ll get the following benefits: - Access to our music catalogue in high quality WAV and FLAC files ✦ - Additional versions for each of our songs (to boost your video edition) ✧ - You'll get to monetize your videos/content/work that uses our music ☻ - You won’t have to attribute us for the music in your content descriptions anymore ✦ - And you’ll help us keep making what we love: Music available for everyone ♡ You can join us here: → --- ▼ Links & Download ▼ 📸 Enjoy our work? Follow us on Instagram! → 🔴 Want to support our work? Consider joining us on Patreon ♡ → 🟣 Subscribe to our secondary channel ✧ → 🔽 Free MP3 Download: → 🔶 This song is licensed with the Creative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 license. → Thank you for listening 💛 Feel free to check out other songs on our channel!