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Happy Songs

一位荷蘭的神經內科學者在2015年研究怎樣的歌曲讓人快樂,總結了研究之後找到了10條讓人快樂的歌曲。你同意這10首歌讓你快樂嗎? 利用他研究所得的三個快樂歌曲條件, 我們還挑選了其它歌曲... 我們不妨聽聽!

In 2015, a Dutch neurologist published his research results on what types of songs make people happy and identified these 10 songs to be the happiest songs.  Do you agree?  Using the same 3 criteria that he suggested, we identified other songs.  Let's listen to these songs!

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10 songs scientifically proven to make you happy


Episode 10.  Helen's Love at 1st Hearing

Helen, an Executive Coach by profession, an active Rotarian at heart.  She is sharing songs that she loved at "first hearing" and yet continue to love after years of listening to them

(10 songs)

Episode 11.  Eddy's Jogging Playlist

Eddy, a passionate professional in social service and a passionate Rotarian, shares with us his jogging playlist.  

(8 songs)

Episode 12.  Kenneth's Cheer Up 

Kenneth - a music lover and a great singer - would like to share with us a list of songs to cheer us up!

(8 songs)

Episode 1.  Happy Songs (by Research)

10 Happy Songs identified by Neuroscientist Dr Jacob Jolij based on a research he did in 1995

(10 songs)