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Travel Polaroids

頻道十   Channel 10


Let's go

"Travel and Change of place impart vigour to the mind." - Seneca
"旅行到新地方,讓心思更有活力。" -  塞內卡 (古羅馬哲學家)

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頻道策劃 Channel Curator 

林翠瑜        全職社工  

Yu               Social Worker


Engaged in social services for more than 20 years, including children's services, residential services and mental health services.  Walking through the life journey of different people made me realized the uniqueness and vitality of each individual experience. During my leisure, I enjoy to watch the scenery and release my pressure through the simple and natural environment. This channel will travel around different beautiful places with you, allowing you to give yourself a “me time” in the busy life.  Enjoy the people, things and scenery around you.

有些風景,如果不是站在高處,是不會看到它的魅力;有些道路,如果不是親身啟程走過,是不會知道它有多美麗。旅行令人著迷的地方,每個人都不一樣。旅行不能幫你解決生活問題,但可以增強你面對生命的能耐。體會大自然美境,不限於遠遊旅行,只要你用眼去細看平日身邊種種,會不自覺地發現讓你開闊心懷的鑰匙,Let’s go!

If you don’t stand on a high place, you will miss some charming scenery.  If you don’t walk along in person, you will not know how beautiful scenery around you.  Attractiveness of travelling is different for everyone.  Travelling cannot help you to solve problem in life but it can give you strength to face it.  The beauty scenery is not limited to long distance travel.  If you take a time to look around, you will gradually discover the key to open your mind.  Let’s go!

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