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頻道五   Channel 5

3分鐘分享  FRE3minutes Sharing

此時此刻就是轉變的最好時機!   The Best Time for New Beginnings is Now!

我們邀請了各行各業的成功人士,問問他們如何保持情緒健康,在忙碌的工作生活中如何紓緩壓力,如何給予自己足夠的me-time?  讓我們聽聽每位嘉賓如何解讀情緒健康和me-time!

We invited successful professionals and entrepreneurs to share with us how they maintain their emotional fitness.  We can learn from them on how to destress despite a busy schedule and how to allow for "me-time" for self-care.  Let's hear what our guests have to say about emotional fitness and giving ourselves "me-time"!

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