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Sunrise over Mountains

頻道四   Channel 4

太陽音樂祭 Solar Music Fest

願每一個旭日都為你帶來希望,  願每一個夕陽都為你帶來平和

May every sunrise bring you hope, and every sunset bring you peace

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頻道策劃 Channel Curator 

黃大剛   Edmond Wong    基金管理  Fund Manager   

專業是基金經理;  熱愛音樂,  享受唱歌,  勤於練習二胡; 至於攝錄, 則是為製作此頻道而逐步學習

A fund manager by profession, a musician at heart, a videographer under study

特別嘉賓 Special Guest 

馬天容  Grace Ma   

心理輔導  Counselling   

資深心理輔導師, 擁有多年的社會工作經驗;  喜愛烹飪烘培; 也熱衷音樂


An experienced counsellor and social worker;  her passion lies in cooking and bakery, as well as music and gardening  

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