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The Curio Cabinet

"Be curious about all fields; the future belongs to those who can connect creativity to technology" - Walter Isaacson
對所有領域都存好奇心; 能夠連結科技和創意的人 - 未來將屬於你們" - 美國作家與傳媒人 Walter Isaacson

我們將與你分享 更多新奇玩意
We will share with you novelties in this channel

Episode 6.  The Future of Work.... is here

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Is this the future of work?  But perhaps it's not so distant in the future... 

Com2Verse Prototype Demonstration Video

Presented by - Com2US, Korean Technology Company 

Past Episodes

Episode 1.  Big Clapper

Enjoy a happy moment from the Big Clapper, a custom speech, performance and clapping robot.

Presented by  バイバイワールド (Bye Bye World)
"If you are happy and you know it clap your hands" with the Big Clapper

Episode 2.  Otamatone

Episode 3.  Robot Dance

A music instrument with a nasal tone from a simple electronic oscillator, having MJ costume performing

Beat it!

Presented by 明和電機 (Maywa Denki)

"Beat it!" covered by Otamatone 

Different types of robots from Boston Dynamics performing an MV-like dancing "Do you love me?"

Presented by Boston Dynamics

 "Do you love me?" robot dance

Episode 4.  Qoobo, a cushion that heals your heart

A feline-lover but cannot adopt a cat? You can now feel like you have one - well, at least that "evil tail".

Presented by - ユカイ工学 (YUKAI Engineering)

Episode 5.  Leave a Zoom Meeting .... quietly? Useless Machines Series

Get tired of endless Zoom meetings? Feel the black humor of 無駄づくり (MUDAzukuri) with Marina's inventions of useless machines - particularly pay attention to 0:45" to 1:20"

Presented by - 無駄づくり (MUDAzukuri)

And  無駄づくり (MUDAzukuri) turns this useless machine of "leave video-call machine" into reality!  

Presented by - 無駄づくり (MUDAzukuri) x 明和電機 (Maywa Denki)

頻道策劃 Channel Curator
Yonnie Chong 

Yonnie is a fun and curious individual who loves snooking around to find ideas and items that delight!  
Enjoy her curio cabinet!