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頻道十七   Channel 17   
Cruise with me 


"I wanted freedom, open air and adventure, I found it in the sea." Alain Gerbault (French sailor and writer who made a circumnavigation of the world as a single-handed sailor)

"我想要自由、無邊無際和探索冒險。而我都找到了 - 在海上。" Alain Gerbault (法籍船員和作家, 曾獨自航行地球一周)

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頻道主持 Channel Curator 
Alice Liu    

Alice Liu loves sailing and water sports. Through her sailing clips, she would like to show us the beautiful scenery  of Hong Kong.

Alice 享受各類水上活動, 閒暇喜愛出海.  大家可以透過她出海時的錄影片段, 欣賞香港的景色!

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