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“Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring about what others think.” - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart 

頻道一.  簡單生活頻道
Channel 1.  Simple-ology
吳孟傑  策劃   Curated by Matthew Ng


“The art of cooking is making its way into the therapeutic world in the form of Culinary Art Therapy. Its benefits are rich and delicious, and include increased self-esteem, team building, enhanced brain development, and helping people connect on a deeper inter-personal level.” ─  Julie Ohana 

頻道二.  「煮」題 Cook
Channel 2.  Cooking Symphony
梁舜華  策劃 Curated by Clara Leung
Cooking Tools

繁忙的一天過後,不如同Candy C 一起輕鬆一下做普拉提!

After a hectic day, why not take a break to do pilates with Candy C?

頻道三.  Candy C 普拉提之約
Channel 3.  Pilates with Candy C
Candy C 策劃   Curated by Candy C
Yoga Mats

斜陽裡 氣魄更壯

斜陽落下  心中不必驚慌



The Sun Showers Energy;

Music Calms the Soul

頻道四.  太陽音樂祭
Channel 4.  Solar Music Fest
黃大剛 策劃 Curated by Edmond Wong特別嘉賓: 馬天容  Special Guest: Grace Ma
Hot Air Balloons


We inivited successful professionals and entrepreneurs to share with us how they maintain their emotional fitness.  We can learn from them on how to destress despite a busy schedule and how to allow for "me-time" for self-care.

頻道五.  3分鐘分享
Channel 5.  FRE3minutes Sharing
輕鬆3分鐘頻道 Official Channel
Interview Time

大自然療癒...   Nature heals...

大自然舒緩...   Natures Soothes...

大自然振奮...   Nature Restores...

大自然串連...   Nature Connects...

大自然平復...   Nature Calms

頻道六. 大自然的低語
Channel 6.  Nature's Whispers
 小嫻 策劃 Curated by Helen Or
Water Droplets

一位荷蘭的神經內科學者在2015年研究怎樣的歌曲讓人快樂,總結了研究之後找到了10條讓人快樂的歌曲。你同意這10首歌讓你快樂嗎? 我們不妨聽聽!

In 2015, a Dutch neurologist published his research results on what types of songs make people happy and identified these 10 songs to be the happiest songs.  Do you agree?  Let's listen to them

頻道七. 輕鬆唱頻道-開心唱
Channel 7.  Singing Club - Happy Songs
 輕鬆3分鐘頻道 Official Channel
Dancing Queen Image.jpg

當我們無法暢遊世界, 就讓我們把世界帶到大家的眼前.    

At a time when we are limited on where we can go, let's bring the world to right where we are.

頻道八. 3分鐘暢遊世界
Channel 8.  3 minutes Round the World
 輕鬆3分鐘頻道 Official Channel
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